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Our services provide the highest software quality assurance and testing processes for your software development project.

Functionality testing

Our focused approach to functionality testing includes verifying that an application or Web site exactly match to specifications and correctly performs all required functions.

Compatibility testing

Our testing experts examines whether your application or Web site works as expected on the wide range of components and systems available in the competitive environment. By investing in compatibility testing early, you avoid increased tech support costs, lost business opportunities, and unhappy end users.

Interoperability testing

Our experts know the difference between incompatibilities with the standards and functionality issues. So they can ensures accurate and detailed results, allowing you to make correct and informed decisions about your product.

Accessibility testing

Our thorough and formal accessibility assessment use existing and emerging standards to let you know how easily your product, application or web site is accessible to the users with physical disabilities.

Multi-tier testing

In several levels of applications and or servers working together in a complex relationship, testing to determine that everything works together properly is essential. Our multi-tier testing methods find the weak links keeping the tiers from working together at peak capability

Testing Tools

Winrunner, Load runner, Junit, Jpro, Jtest, Segue / Silk, Visual test, Clear Quest, Rational Test manager, Rational Suit Test Studio, Rational Clear Case. PciTest ATM, ANTS, ApTest Manager, IPL-ADA test 95, worksoft


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